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The great hurricane of 1780

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  • Formed October 9, 1780
  • dissapaded October 20, 1780
  • exceeted winds of 200 mph
  • during american revolution
  • 22,000 PEOPLE DIED in barbadose
  • THE HURRICAN SEASON OF 1780 was the worst in recorded history
  • many fleets of british ships where sunk  
  • over 200 british and frenshships where sunk 
  • over all 31,000b people died
  • the british suffered more losses over this hurricane then the entire revolutionary war.
  • The 1780's were the deadliest decade in recorded North Atlantic Hurricane history.
  • The third major hurricane of the month swept north through the gulf of Mexico catching and scattering the fleet of 64 warships on October 21st.                                                          







 The Great Hurricane Of 1780




                         The 1780's had one of the worst hurricane seasons ever recorded in history. The hurricanes in October were the most deadly. The first major hurricane formed off the coast of the Cape Verde Islands in early October and caused 600 deaths. This was just a meire taste of hell. For a new wind was to blow there way. A knew tropical depression formed and blew towards Barbados.There in Barbados winds stared to reach 150 miles per hour. Every house on the island was destroyed leaving thousands homelss by the storm that raged over the islands for two days. but this was not the fiercest part of the storm. Every British fort was on the island was also.Many supplies, cannons and solders were thrown more then one hundred feet into biuldings and into the water cuasing catastrophic damage. The island reported many ships damaged and forty five hundred lives were lost. 




                         The storm then turned north by fifty five miles and hit Saint Lucia. Out of the six hundred homes in Kingstown five hundred eighty four were destroyed. The hurricane sunk nineteen british ships that were docked in the harbor.These ships where very important to the british navy but they all where destroyed or damaged. This force was going to be used to attack the American colonies. That hit helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War much easier. Many people have thought to see war frigats(boats) flying through the air. On one acount a british war frigat slamed into a british hospital killing sixty men. Even though many fleets of british ships where sunk. A large portion of allied french ships where sunk. This hurricane was neither to celibrate or to morn. 




                             After the storm blew across Saint Lucia, it traveled a few miles south of Dominica. The storm then slammed into Guadeloupe and sank nine French ships. On the coast of the Island Martinique a large fleet of forty French ships were hit and capsized by the hurricane. The storm killed four thousand troops. The storm produced a twenty five foot wave which slamed right into martinique, this storm surge caused a dramatic rise tide. The lucky ships where beached but the not so luck ships where capsised or destroyed. Also every port on Dominica was transformed into rubble. This meant that large ships filled with supplies could not dock.The winds completly destroyed a fort leaving nine thousand people dead and one thousand homless. Damage was reported on many other islands including Guadeloupe, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and Saint Kitts. Many ships were grounded on all the islands. The storm dissipated on October 20, 1780 after hitting fifteen islands and Florida. The storm killed about thirtyone thousand people and sank over one hundred ships. This storm killed more british soldiers than the Entire Revolutionary War. This storm was the worst ever recorded in history, for it is called the great hurricane of 1780.

















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