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Severe Weather Report Center

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UPDATE: I'll accept the stories and the podcast finished by Midnight on Monday.  The podcast should be in MP3 form, either mailed to me, or brought in a disk or flash drive.  The name of the podcast should have your name (at least one person in the group) and the hurricane name.



On this page you should create links to your individual pages for your severe storm reports. Your page titles should make sense and you should describe each page a little on this screen. Do not use your full names! Only use your initials.


Click here to find a page (scroll to the bottom) with some good links for referencing your work.


Click here to find a list of some useful web pages.


Due Date: Monday, April 28th.


Do you need to schedule a time to come in to record your podcast? Click here. It also includes some of the things you should include.







Links to Reports:


7-1: (¿Is everyone under here in 7-1? Change is needed.)

7-1 Tips


Hurricane Katrina

  • YD, NdA, KN


Hurricane Felix

  • PA, SF, SP


Hurricane Gilbert

  • TG,BG,SK


Hurricane Andrew

  • HK, EC, JB


Galveston Storm

  • KAS


Hurricane Hugo

  • CB,TS,GB


Storm of The Century

  • GR


Tri-State Tornado of 1925

  • DRB, HB, MW


Hurricane Floyd

  • EO, TH, NT, JM


Hurricane Rita

  • AO


Hurricane of 1780

  • TG, AR


Bangladesh Tornado of 1989

  • SM, SO


The Storm of The Century 

  • BH, SR, TC


Hurricane Rita

  •  ZS, JI








7-5 Tips


Hurricane Andrew

  • BC, WW


Hurricane Bob Report

  • PG, CP, GK


Hurricane Camille

  • LF, CG, SH


The great hurricane of 1780

  • MG, KEM, TG


Hurricane Felix

  • JP


Hurricane Isabel

  • SM, BH, RP, LS


Hurricane Hazel

  • EA, FA, NJ, RS


Hurricane Andrew 2

  • CF, HB


Xenia F5

  •  JT,  NS, SS


The Super Outbreak

  • KM, DK













These instructions will be updated, so make sure you come back to check them out.




7-1/7-5 Severe Weather Project





Severe weather has an enormous effect on human history, washing away towns, capsizing ships, killing people from every walk of life. At the same time, humanity has learned how to cope and deal with most storms, minimizing the damage to property and the loss of human life. In this project, you and two other students will do a report on a severe weather event that happened in the United States (or sometimes other places).




For each project you should:

  1. Discuss the severe storm event in detail, including (but not limited to) when it was, where it was, what happened, what were the damages, what warning did people have, any relevant history. etc.
  2. Review what the historical conditions were like in the area at the time (how many people lived there, did the storm have a strong impact on the region’s development)
  3. Make a wiki that shows all this information, including photos or drawings (which can be done by you and scanned)
  4. Include a map that shows where the event happened, including the path, if appropriate (e.g., most hurricanes)
  5. Describe this type of severe weather, in detail, including how it forms, how common it is, etc.
  6. Have a complete bibliography for all information and images
  7. Provide a thorough explanation of what safety precautions someone should take to prepare for this type of event and what they should do during these types of events
  8. Make and record a podcast, of about five minutes about the event. You will need to include a script of it before you it is uploaded. Details will be posted.


  1. Make a poster about the storm event
  2. If four students are in a group they need to make both a podcast and a poster





Some of the storm events you can do are:


Great Hurricane of 1780


Cape May Hurricane of 1821



Hurricane of July,1502

Cape May Hurricane of 1821


1900 Galveston Texas Hurricane


Miami Hurricane of 1926


Lake Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928


Labor Day Hurricane of 1935


Long Island Express of 1938


Hurricane Carla


Hurricane Gloria


Hurricane Hugo


Hurricane Andrew


Hurricane Mitch


Hurricane Floyd


Hurricane Isabel


Hurricane Juan


Hurricane Charley


Hurricane Jeanne


Hurricane Katrina (should be with four people in order to also study the after effects and the cleanup)

Hurricane Rita


Hurricane Wilma


Hurricane Dean


Hurricane Felix


Hurricane Humberto


The 1925 Tri-State Tornado


The 1974 Super Outbreak (Tornadoes)


The Palm Sunday Outbreak - March 27-28, 1994 (Tornado)


Other Tornadoes


1993 Storm of the Century


Great Mississippi Flood of 1993


Dust Bowls during Depression




Bangladesh Floods 2004/1988/?


Johnstown Flood


Monsoons in Indian Ocean


Extreme weather in a city/country of your choice


Something else









To talk about homework and other stuff about science, use this chat room below:


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